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General information about responsibility

At Ilkka, ESG has been one of the mainstays of our operations for a long time.

We believe that ESG report will facilitate and increase the understanding of ESG among both our employees and stakeholders.

Our values, mission and vision are strongly embedded in our responsible way in which we operate and encounter customers, employees and other stakeholders. Although our companies’ values differ slightly from one another, they do not contradict each other. We employ shared business principles as well as detailed company-specific guidelines and policies in areas such as metrics, reporting and employee benefits.

For us, ESG is not separate from other activities but an integral part of day-to-day operations, management, planning and implementation.

Our mission

United by information

Our vision

Ilkka is the most effective partner for marketing and sales and a growing digital media house.

Our values

Respecting, Innovating, Thriving and Caring

We have considered our ESG themes extensively within the Group so that the various emphases that are important for our operations are taken into account as well as possible. We have also listened to the views of our employees and customers. The themes and the report itself have been drafted in cooperation with the Group’s companies.

The main themes of ESG boil down to four areas:

  • expert in marketing, information and technology,
  • a meaningful workplace
  • a reliable partner
  • consideration of environmental impacts in all our operations

We look at ESG as a whole through these themes.