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IR Calendar

Possible requests from shareholders to put matters on the agenda of the Annual General Meeting19.2.2024
Closed window23.1.-22.2.2024
Silent period23.1.-22.2.2024
Financial Statement Bulletin for financial year 202322.2.2024
Annual Report 2023week 13
Annual General Meeting25.4.2024
Closed window6.4.-6.5.2024
Silent period6.4.-6.5.2024
Interim report for January–March6.5.2024
Closed window13.7.-12.8.2024
Silent period13.7.-12.8.2024
Half-year financial report for January–June12.8.2024
Closed window5.10.-4.11.2024
Silent period5.10.-4.11.2024
Interim report for January–September4.11.2024

Ilkka Oyj’s annual reports, interim reports and stock exchange releases and other releases are published only in Finnish.